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Greetings from Rev. Simeon Stefanidakis and welcome to the First Spiritual Temple and its Ayer Institute. The First Spiritual Temple is an independent Interfaith Church of the Spirit, founded on June 28, 1883, in Boston. Our founder, Marcellus Seth Ayer, was a progressive and free-thinking man.

Over the years, the First Spiritual Temple has gone through many changes, always seeking to adapt to the current-day needs of people. But, throughout its 134-year history, our basic principle has remained steadfast: God is Spirit; we are Spirit; and that is how we are connected. Furthermore, God's greatest gift to us is freedom of choice; but, with this wondrous gift comes responsibility, personal and collective.

Marcellus Ayer founded the Church in order to address the growing needs of people to understand God, Spirit, Spiritualism, death, Jesus Christ, and the Bible in a more practical and working manner. He was concerned in addressing the, then, fairly new Spiritualist movement; not as a religion, but as a means whereby all religions and faiths could find a common ground, in God as Spirit and in ourselves as Spirit.

The office of the First Spiritual Temple and its Ayer Institute is located at:

56 John Ewer Rd.
Sandwich, MA 02563
Telephone: (774) 521-3932

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