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Too often, people are led to believe that the Bible is an outdated text, written by ancient people whose fundamental need was to have something in which to believe. Many, today, are told that the Bible is filled with contradiction, that it is historically inaccurate, and that it portrays an angry, jealous God; furthermore, it is best for intelligent people to separate themselves from the myths of Scripture.

We are, also, told that the Bible is the absolute word of God; that is, every word, line, inflection, and intention was written by God, verbatim, and that we had better follow it or else suffer the consequences.

Suppose neither of those portrayals is accurate. Suppose our understanding of the Bible is completely out of context, with little or no regard to the customs, history, and beliefs of the people who lived during those times.

Can we actually go back in time, in order to understand the meaning and the teachings of the Old and New Testaments, or must we relegate it all simply to myth?

Yes, we can go back! And that is what this section of our web site will focus upon: understanding the Bible in its proper context; looking at the customs and idioms of the languages spoken during those times; and looking at the many forms of Biblical Spiritualism.

Through these pages, you will meet the people on the streets, from those ancient times, and sit down with them in order to get an idea of what they believed, what they felt, and what they had faith in. We can do that through history. (Although, the Bible is not meant to be a history book - not as we know it anyway.)

Articles in this section will delve into:

  • How the Bible Came about.
  • How we and our ancestors view the Bible so differently.
  • What is Biblical Spiritualism.
  • Customs that bring vibrant life to what we thought were foolish statements.
  • How the Bible teaches us about our Spirit.
  • Rediscovering the wonders of faith.
  • What does it mean to us today by "If God is Spirit; we are Spirit; and our loved ones are Spirit"?

This will all be presented in an honest and accurate way, using well established and accepted Theological tradition.

Please Bookmark this section, as updates will be coming very soon.

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