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What Happens After You Submit a Healing Request?

Once you have entered your prayer request into the Healing Book and joined into the Prayer Circle Link (if you choose to do so), this is what happens:

  • FIRST name, city, and healing request will be written within the appropriate Healing Book (we have one for people and one for pets). These books are maintained within our facility, in East Sandwich, Massachusetts.
  • The same information will be placed with our Church's Healing Prayer Circle, where a 15-day vigil will be maintained for your prayers. You may resubmit as often as you wish. The Healing Prayer Circle is a group of people, in and associated with our Church, who devote a specific time each day for healing prayers.

During that 15-day period, we will also pray for you during the healing portion of our Sunday worship service.

  • Your FIRST name, city, and healing request will be posted on our site's Online Healing List page. Here, others will be asked to pray for you.

Please let us know if you do not wish your name listed on this page. Again, only FIRST NAMES will be posted.

  • Finally, please remember that those, in Spirit, will be praying for you as well.



Please be assured that your privacy will be respected at all times.

Full names will not be posted, either within our Healing Site or at our Church. We request only FIRST name and CITY.

We do not keep or post e-mail or surface addresses. The Pastors maintain pastoral confidentiality with utmost respect and integrity.


There is a Place for You at the First Spiritual Temple
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