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Spirit John's Greetings

Greetings! Welcome to the Healing Vigil, a commitment of healing and prayer, from Spirit to Spirit, wherever we may be.

We reach to you, as Spirit, for that is your true and eternal state of being. Spirit is who and what you are, what you have been, and what you shall forever be. At this point in your journey, you are a spirit who has entered a physical and biological world. My dear friends, God is Spirit, and we are all God's children, created in His image as spirits. That is how we are connected to God, to each other, and to all creation. God's promise is to you, and you are eternal. You are a spirit; you are not your body!

The spirit is eternal, while the body is temporal. So, understand that when you become ill, hurt, and heavy laden, this is a natural condition of the physical world.

It is easy to forget and think that the physical body is all that you are. Take heart, my friends, for you are not alone; your needs are known.

God, in His wisdom, has kept us all connected; connected to our true home, to our loved ones, and to the promise of healing and guidance.

God will work through your spirit and touch the hearts of many other spirits to help you in troubled times, in times of pain and worry, in times of healing!

That promise is given to you whether you believe it or not. Pain and suffering are not a punishment, but rather the condition of the physical part of you. In it, there is much to gain, to learn, and to help you grow.

When you are in need, join God in Spirit, as Spirit, for help in your physical journey. He WILL answer, and He will call many, in Spirit, both in and out of body, to help you! Be watchful in all areas of your life.

Do not lose sight of who you truly are. You have meaning and you have a purpose within creation. Do not let anger, cynicism, or fear cloud the vision that is within you!

Have hope and faith, for these are your strengths, as Spirit. They will give endurance to get you through anything.

You are like a seed. The shell of that seed holds the promise of hope, growth, and life. In itself, it is not the promise. What is within you -- your spirit -- is what will germinate, grow, reach for the greater promise and destination. Have faith, even though it may seem dark now. It's just that you have been planted. You are growing, and you have much to look forward to!

This is the hope and commitment of Spirit to you, as Spirit. We want to help you go beyond saying prayers. We want you to feel them within you. We want to help you realize that prayer is a whole experience, not simply wishful thinking.

Please join us, as we join together to pray for you and one another. Start to feel the ancient wonder that you are. For, like the seed, you must go beyond the shell, in order to reach your hopes and prayers.

We invite you to submit your prayer requests and, then, join the Prayer Circle Link, where, in your heart and mind, you join with a greater circle of those who will pray with you and for you!

Remember: if life seems filled with shadows, it means that there is a light behind you. If there were no light, there would be no shadows. Simply turn around, away from the shadows, and face the source of your light. In this, your healing begins.

We would like to help you understand yourself from a different perspective; to see yourself as whole, in body and as a spirit. Feel and experience yourself as a spirit, a light in the world.

We are all committed to pray with and for you. May God be with you!

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