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Let Us Pray For One Another

Let Us Pray For Peace

We invite you to join us in prayer and healing on behalf of the people listed below. Prayer is universal. It adheres to no religion or denomination. It is a gift of the Spirit, granted to us all by the Holy and Healing Spirit of God.

Spend a few moments in prayer for those brothers and sisters of the Spirit in need of healing. We update this page periodically. Thank you and God bless you!

Healing Requests Submitted For Week of:

March 29, 2009



Healing Request


Carol Doughty

Perstorp, Sweden

Continued healing and positive energies be sent to Carol as she is in the first week of treatment for her cancer. Help her to stay strong and optimistic.


Richard Miller

Amesbury, Massachusetts

Please surround Richard with love and light as he is preparing to pass through death, to life in spirit. Emotional healing for his sister Donna and other family members who are needing to say goodbye.


Shawon Dutta

Rajbari, Bangladesh

Shawon Dutta is my friend and I am requesting healing for her. She has been affected by Pox, however, the disease seems to affect her too much and she has been physically and emotionally drained now a days. I am anxious because she has not been recovering well...I don't know why. May be she will if she gets positive energy from you. She has a new job to attend and her academic interview is on the way. I hope she heals soon. Please help by giving her positive energy of healing. I just want to see my friend happy.


Galvin Branson

Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA

I am requesting healing and prayer for Galvin he was diagnosed wtih a liver tumor which is now in advanced stages we thank everyone involved for their help,


Sally Stover

Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA

Requesting praying and healing for Sally. Sally has multiple health problems, she has blocked arteries in both legs and neck, and associated heart problems, she also has some very serious health problems, the medical terms are Rectocele and Cystocele which has to do with complications with her colon and associated female organs.


John Roberts

Wakefield, Wesy Yorkshire UK

Healing for pain in the right hand side of my head and back area.


Joslyn Michael Willis

London, England

Requesting Healing for Tinnitus.


John Rajendra Prasad

Hyderabad, India

Please pray for my uncle JOHN RAJENDRA PRASAD who is a TB patient. He is in the icu for the past 15 days. his condition is serious and he is in semiconscious state. doctors are not able to find out the reason for his semiconscious state. please pray that he may respond and recover as soon as possible. I am desperate to hear his voice as its been 18 days he opened his mouth.


LeeAndrea Castillo

Amarillo, Texas, U.S.A.

I have several illness and injuries both physical, emotional, and spiritual that are in dire need of healing. I have had back, knee,neck, shoulders, hips, ankles, and feet injuries due to accidents. My other health issuses are numerous. I have also been physically abused as a child and as an adult. Please pray for me on these issues.


LC, Andy, Nikki, Sandra, Cyrus, Lucas, Glenn, Dana, Jim, Jean, Stephanie

Santa Barbara, California

Deep Serious Emergency healing for the following-LC,Andy,Nikki,Sandra D. Cyrus, Lucas, Glenn B. Dana, Jim T. Jean D. Stephanie D.


Leamon Brooks

Acampo, California

Friends in Christ, I need your prayers for all this month. I have had hip pain that makes me sick on my stomache and I can't sleep. Please pray for me.


Audu Francisca Ugo

Lokoja, Lokoja/Nigeria

Prayers to get blessed children, to get a nice job, to be free from attack and persecution from my husband's family


Audu Matthew

Lokoja, Kogi/Nigeria

Prayers to overcome the Spiritual battle and manipulations from my families especilly my uncle (Mr Daniel Maji Ochada and his wife Ruth Ochada) and prayers to have blessed children without delay.


Glenda Lomack

Long Beach, California

Spiritual guidance for my purpose to line up with the will of God. I need exposure with the gift.


Customers and friends of Spectrum Realty

Santa Barbara, California

Please bring peace to every soul that walks into spectrum realty, help them find the perfect place to live. heal their hearts and minds, bring their bodies to wholeness, to name a few, mark, timothy, kenny, matthew, drew, tom, tim, arnie, shelby, andy, stan, sam, shamos, carly, cindy,


Richard A Salahuddin

Brooklyn, New York, United States

Dear Prayer Partners: May God bless all of you for offering a great service to Humanity. Please pray for Richard A Salahuddin, who has many health challenges - mainly, kidney and lung problems. Please pray for my family and friends, as well. I will be praying for all of you,too.


Carole Crowell

In Spirit

Healing and guidance for Carole who passed away a few days ago. Emotional healing for her family and friends as well.

Healing List for Week of March 22, 2009.

Online Healing List for Pets

Prayer given by Spirit John, on behalf of all people on this page:

"We join with you in your prayers and needs. Please know that we pray with you, as you touch our hearts! May God hold you, and bring you calm and peace in the middle of your storms. You were born to be greater than the storm; that is the wonder of your spirit, which is forever God's Promise!"


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