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From the Teachings Of
Spirit John
Rev. Stephen Fulton, Trance Medium

To Forgive is Divine
Some Thoughts on the Iraqi War

March 23, 2003

From out of the lands that time touched from almost the beginning of time; from out of the lands that came such rich life and many forms of it; from out of the lands from which creation brought and spread throughout an entire planet; and from the lands which have touched the Spirit from the time of its inception to the present, stirred it, lived it, demanded it, fought for it, and stood beyond imagination for it -- all trying to understand a pathway, all forging pathways -- today, with the deepest of sadness those lands are ravaged, again, by war and by type of war that goes beyond what we might have imagined.

It is a war over lands; it is a war over rivers; it is a war over people; it is a war over religions; it is a war over belief in God; it is a war over whose belief shall prevail. And it is a war which hardens so many hearts; not in one place, but in all of the world.

As we come together to remember and to pray, we come together to remember that God bid us to call upon Him in our times of trouble, that He would should us. Call on Me and I will answer you, said the Lord unto the prophets.

Ask me; I will show you many great and wondrous things which you did not know. I will give you guidance. I will show you ways in which the impossible may happen. Call on me and I will answer you.

God called on Abraham, and Abraham felt and came to know God in his mind and, then, in his heart, and his faith built a Nation -- a Nation which would survive even beyond that of the lands of Egypt. God spoke to the prophets, and they called unto Him and they called unto the people. And Moses, who was slow of speech, was gifted by many spiritual gifts from God, and led a Nation, and led that Nation out of bondage; not just a bondage of slave-keepers, but of the mind, of the heart, of the soul.

And so, to the time of the prophets moved and Jesus Christ, a prophet, came also to remind the peoples of what God had brought and done through time and that we are all Spirit. We understand from Scripture that God is Spirit, the prophets are Spirit, Jesus Christ is Spirit, Mohammed is Spirit, Buddha is Spirit, your loved ones are Spirit, you are Spirit. Thats how we are all connected. Thats how we come together. Thats why were all in this war together. And thats why whatever it reeks, we shall all reap.

We are never alone. Healing and wonder is always before us. God is real. God is God. God may manifest to many people in various ways, but there is still one God. Because man has fashioned many names does not change that equation.

Throughout all the things that God has done and reached to, with Spirit in the body in the physical world, you are stand faced with them, today. Theyre illuminated by the life and love of many who cherish these very places. They are illuminated by bombs, and they shake on the earth, and the Spirit of it all is whats in the center. What happens to one happens to all.

We have spoken so many times about the most powerful and wonderful gift that has been given to each and every one of us: the power and the ability to forgive; to forgive our enemies. Once, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth meant, in all understanding, that if you put someones eye out, you were going to lose yours. Then, it became a punishment. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you seems to apply to whoever is holding the biggest gun, the biggest vendetta, the biggest resentment.

Today is a day which lives in ancient time as well as modern. Today is a day where we all reach together, where we can all pray, where we can look at the words which have been spoken by the prophets, by Jesus Christ, and that we have related to you here: forgive your enemy. What arguments that causes. People get goose bumps thinking about it.

How could you ever forgive the people who destroyed two buildings with so many people in them? How could the people that were in them forgive? How could the families that lost lives and loved ones forgive? How could a Nation forgive? Keep in mind, I am not talking to you about Forget it; its OK; dont do it again. We may loathe what has happened. We may be stunned and shocked and horrified over what has happened. Our spirits may be stirred to believe and understand that this cannot be a thing which happens and must never happen again. Its not the first time, but there are so many things that we need to look at. But, what we must look upon is the ability, as spirits as spirits not nationalities, but as spirits; because thats what we all are at the base of everything, at the root of it all and all of its being.

To forgive means that we have to look inside of ourselves. To forgive means we have to try to look inside of those who we might consider our enemies. We have to look at our fears, and our needs, and the things that might scare us so. We need to look at how we react to things. And, then, we have to stop and say if we are all Spirit, these are common things, common reactions. Let us, then, stop, pause: What is my enemy feeling? What drove them to do the thing against me or someone else that they did?

And we begin, like Jesus, to feel the Humanity in each other. And, then, to feel the spiritual drive. We then pray and we reach to touch and to understand each other. Not saying, Its OK what you did, but, I know if we dont work to heal one another, to forgive one another, then there will be three buildings, and four, and ten here and twelve here. And the whole world will erupt like a volcano over anger and hatred.

God said, Look at what has happened in the past. Look at what happens in the present. Forgive one another.

Jesus said, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Oh, so hard that is to remember for, all of those who sit in this land and ask God to be with them, as they go into war against others who have a less value of life, but whose people may have no presence in it. What, then, have we become? Have we become an eye for an eye; a tooth for a tooth? Have we come only to recognize ourselves as body parts?

We must reach to one another. We must have faith. We must find the faith that God has given to us; its inside of you. Its a candlelight that burns brightly, or a fire that burns in the desert. We are the shepherd of your beliefs. Sit and warm themselves to discuss your presence in the world. For every soul that is pained, we are all pained.

A Nation of love has become a Nation of anger -- looking, with great distrust, upon anyone that doesnt look like them. It has become a Nation which would gladly accept a holocaust, because they dont realize thats whats beginning to happen. Thats one of the reasons we have to reach and forgive one another, not to destroy.

Its so easy to get angry. Its so easy to simply react. Its so easy to forget what our Spirits light reflects to us. There are good reasons, and there are not-so-good reasons for what is happening today. And God is with you. And God is with everyone who prays and asks for His help. Think of that. God is with everyone who prays and asks for His help. Thats all of you. Thats all of the people in this country. Thats all of the people in the word. Thats the people dying underneath bombs.

How can God reach to answer the prayers of all who call upon Him, even though the names may be different? How can God hear those prayers and reach to answer them in the best way possible? If you see someone as an enemy and you ask God to help you to get rid of them, and they see you as an enemy and ask God to help get rid of you, what do you have?

It boils down to principles. It boils down to fruits. It boils down to whether are innocents which must be protected, whether we are willing and able to reach out, in a way we do not want to. At the same time, no matter how it works, we must work to forgive each other, no matter what takes place, no matter how it happens. We can never say, because of our beliefs, Its OK. But we can truly reach to forgive.

Forgiveness is the paramount point of healing. Forgiveness is the paramount point in which God lifts from your shoulders the weight of the world. Forgiving is the point from which you let go of all the things that people have done to you, that you cannot tolerate, that have hurt you, that have caused you to feel badly in, oh, so many ways. Forgiveness isnt just about the other person; its about you as well.

Think of what you lift off of yourself. Think of what you help your enemy to lift off of themselves. And, then, can God come forth to speak and hope and pray with us all? Yes! To forgive is divine. And you have a spark of divine within you.

We pray that those who hold materials that are designed to kill and destroy innocent people; we pray that God will protect us in all aspects of life, and that those things will be done away with and destroyed. And we pray that, as those things begin to heal, we will work to forgive one another. We pray to God that the innocent who have nothing to do with any of this will not die in the rubble of their homes, or in the rubble of their minds, or in the rubble of their lives; wherever that may fall, in whatever country that may come.

The world is being stirred to feel again. Some of that will be positive, healing, and wonderful, and some of it will contain the most horrifying treachery that could ever be known.

Who will win? Who will understand? Who will reach?

We need to step within. We need to reach to each other, and we need to reach out, even further, to those around us. Stand upon what you believe; it is not wrong to do so. It is not wrong to stand upon what you believe. But, let it not be built on a foundation of anger and hatred; most especially, upon apathy.

To all those who hold in their heart the desire of revenge, in these wars which occur, they hold within their heart the same energy as if they were to light the bombs of hell.

Let us reach to God and speak with God, and ask God to show us the way, and to heal us, and to bring us safety, and to give us calmness of Spirit and body, and to give us calmness of mind and heart.

So, when you are afraid, when you are lonely, when the world and all that is taking place begins to overwhelm you, reach to God. God is your Savior. Reach to Jesus Christ, who understands the feelings, as Spirit, in the human-ness of us, that have all experienced that touch; that he may sit down on that road, in the dust, and talk with you, comfort you, and tell you about God, our Father.

Once, Jesus sat upon those roads, talking to those who were in fear of Roman armies, a Caesar. Now, Jesus sits on that road with those who are afraid, as huge pieces of equipment roll by, as things fly though the air.

The world may change, situations may change, God will not. Jesus will not. Spirit will not. We may have to all work very hard together at is. But, there it is.

Forgive one another, God says. Please, forgive one another. It will relieve the stress and anger and that which is killing you, all of you. And you will help to lift it off of your enemies. And then your differences can be seen and worked out together.

Forgiver one another. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Remember, thats not just saying, If you give me a nice, fresh piece of cake, Im going to give you a nice, fresh piece of cake, until someone decides that day-old cake is OK. Then, the other feels slighted. The next thing you know: cake is being made as weapon to throw at each other.

Stand together, in Spirit and in hope, and pray together, even though your differences may be and there are some who will feel differently about what is happening than others. Do not become enemies. Forgive.

Do unto others means put on their shoes, walk in them for a while, so that you can see what life that other person has had to feel and see; so that you might understand.

Now, its time for us to stop and to put in to and take from our spirits the joy and the wonder of healing, and the mystery of what it does for all of us.

Let us take pause. Godspeed.

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