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Spirit John: To Forgive is Divine. Some Thoughts on the Iraqi War

Spirit Syrsha: Wisdom and Discerning

Spirit John: Find Peace and Add Years to Your Life

New Year 2006 Messages from Spirit Syrsha and Spirit John


Introducing Spirit John

Spirit John began working with Rev. Stephen approximately 20 years ago. He works primarily with healing. For many years we called him "The Healing Guide", as he offered no name, stating that name and personality were not as important as the work.

About six years ago, during our Christmas Service, he revealed that his name was "John", a simple healer; further stating that he was not to be confused with any "John" of the Bible.

John has a most sincere and loving impact in his utterances. When he speaks, he does so with a warmth and glow of the Spirit that truly reflects his love for God and healing. His words, alone, and his manner of prayer are healing in themselves. He is a loving and deeply caring soul.

He presents an image of himself as an old healer, journeying through the deserts of ancient times, where he invites those in need to come into his tent. There, he keeps a bright fire burning in the dark coldness of the desert night. The fire, he says, is the fire of God, shining off into the
darkness, were travelers will find light, hope, a place of comfort, and
warmth in God's love.

Spirit John often works with Spirit Syrsha. They have a deep and abiding respect for one another. You can see it and you can feel it!

We hope that their words and inspirations will bring hope and faith into your life.

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