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How To Develop Mediumship:
A Working Guide to Unfoldment

The Many Faces of Mediumship

This lesson introduced you to the different forms of mediumship: message mediumship; inspirational mediumship; healing mediumship; and physical mediumship.

Before proceeding to Lesson Three, let us introduce you to the different ways and means used by spirit to communicate through a medium. A quick glimpse at this list should convince you of our initial comments: the spirits use mediums for a variety of specific purposes. These represent the principle ways in which mental and physical mediumship manifest. Each will be discussed in the following lessons:

Mental (Telepathic):

Physical (Telekinetic):


Table Phenomena


Direct Voice






Automatic Writing

Inspired Writing


Because of the specific nature of healing mediumship, its study is reserved for a special series of lessons, entitled The Healing Spirit. We hope to have this ready for distribution in the near future.

Finally: in your study of mediumship, it will become just as important for you to understand what mediumship is not as it will be to understand what mediumship is. Therefore, mediumship is not:

         An unnatural phenomenon.

         A special gift bestowed upon the spiritually elite.

         An indication of spiritual achievement.


         Something which can be turned on and off like a machine.

         Contrary to God's laws.

         Miraculous. Mediumship follows the precepts of known spiritual laws.

         To be used to read minds or to control others.

         A parlor game or a source of entertainment. Mediumship is a serious endeavor and should be approached with dignity and respect.

         Dangerous. Practiced with responsibility and respect, mediumship cannot harm anyone! It is the irresponsible practice of mediumship which can bring about difficulty.

Excerpt from Lesson Three.

Copyright 2003, Rev. Simeon Stefanidakis . All rights reserved.

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