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How To Develop Mediumship:
A Working Guide to Unfoldment

Mental Mediumship - Part I


When we meet someone, for the first time or otherwise, we generally give him or her a look over, a visual analysis, so to speak. From this visual image, we either know who it is or we create a visual memory image for future meetings. When a medium links with a spirit communicator, the communicator generally prefers to be seen, thus giving the medium some visual image which can be related to the sitter. This ability to perceive visually those in Spirit, as well as images which they may project, is known as clairvoyance. From a more general perspective, clairvoyance is defined as the ability to see, with the inner vision, that which is not perceived by the physical eyes. This can include perception of spirits, auras, energy fields, visions, etc. Since we are dealing specifically with mediumship, we shall limit our discussion of clairvoyance to seeing the spirits.

A question which naturally arises is: how does the medium actually see what he or she sees? To understand this, it is important to accept that, when a medium attunes with spirit, his or her state of consciousness alters. The mind of the medium, thus the focus of consciousness, shifts away from the three dimensional Earth plane to the realms of the spirit world. Once this shift of consciousness takes place, it is no longer the physical eyes which see, even though, from the perspective of the medium, it looks as if he or she is observing with these eyes (especially if the medium's eyes are open). Clairvoyance involves stimulation of the inner vision.

Excerpt from Lesson Four.

Copyright 2003, Rev. Simeon Stefanidakis . All rights reserved.

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