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How To Develop Mediumship:
A Working Guide to Unfoldment

Physical Mediumship

 What exactly is a physical medium? A physical medium is a person, on the Earth plane, who can be used by a spirit operator for the purpose of manipulating physical systems. This manipulation of physical systems is done either to demonstrate the reality of physical mediumship or to identify the spirit. The reason a person is able to become a physical medium is that he or she offers the spirit operators a certain vital, magnetic energy which is necessary for those operators to make a direct impact upon the Earth plane. Regardless of how, where, or under what circumstances any physical phenomenon occurs, there must be a physical instrument, or medium, somewhere in the area to offer the necessary vital energy and to act as a vehicle, or transformer, through which the spirit can operate upon the Earth plane.

Apart from offering vital energy to the spirit operators, some physical mediums are very fluid in their etheric bodily make-up; consequently, they can offer a materializing substance which can be used by the operators to manifest. This we shall discuss very shortly.

Very often, the signs of physical mediumship appear quite early in life; in particular during the period of puberty. The signs range from unusual happenings and sounds, to movements taking place in the vicinity of the child. Sometimes the occurrence of such happenings intensifies as the child matures; sometimes, they subside until a decision is made to sit regularly for the proper development of mediumship.

During the turn of the century, when physical mediumship was quite common, there were many young people giving public demonstrations of physical mediumship. The pressures placed upon these young vessels for spirit was intense, and many simply could not handle it. Physical mediumship requires a tremendous expenditure of vital energy. Many such mediums "burn out" fairly early in life, because they simply do not control, within proper limits, the use of their mediumship. Physical mediumship is relatively rare in occurrence, and people are anxious to witness it. The physical medium must learn to say "no" when the pressure to produce phenomena becomes too great. If he or she does not, the temptation to cheat-- and, over the years, it has, to a great degree -- may present itself.

Excerpt from Lesson Six.

Copyright 2003, Rev. Simeon Stefanidakis . All rights reserved.

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