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How To Develop Mediumship:
A Working Guide to Unfoldment

The Development Circle

As stated in the Introduction to Part I, it is best for you to develop mediumship with a group of people, under the guidance of a qualified teacher. A group of people who meet regularly for the purpose of developing mediumship is known as a spirit circle or development circle. We shall refer to such a group simply as a circle. It is called a circle because people sit in a circular fashion. Why this is done will be explained later on.

There are several reasons why sitting with a group is helpful in developing your mediumship:

  • It creates a common ground with others, from which you can find nurturing and stability.
  • It offers you the opportunity to share your experiences with others.
  • It helps create discipline in your work.
  • It offers you the opportunity to assist in the development of others' mediumship, while working with your own.
  • It offers a good support group.
  • It offers the assistance of a teacher who can guide you in your development.

Excerpt from Lesson Eight.

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