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How To Develop Mediumship:
A Working Guide to Unfoldment

Mediumistic Development

The Phases of a Communication

Many of the difficulties encountered by the student of evidential mediumship arise from a lack of understanding concerning the three phases of a typical message. This very often causes the developing medium to feel that he or she must have a complete message formulated within the mind before standing to give it to the sitter. Let us look at the three phases involved:

  • Phase One: This first phase occurs when you begin the message. The spirit communicator has made the initial link with you, through your energy field, and begins to draw closer to you. The information which the communicator imparts to your consciousness may not be very clear, because the link is not yet very strong. As you pass on each little bit of information to the sitter, the communicator feels more comfortable with you and is, consequently, able to draw even closer. This, in turn, allows additional information to come more clearly.
  • Phase Two: This middle phase occurs while the communicator maintains as strong and complete a link with you as possible. This is the period in which the real substance of the message is given, because you and the spirit friend are as close as you will become during this particular communication. The information comes through quickly and clearly here. When the essence of the message is given and the communicator feels satisfied, he or she will then begin the withdrawal process.
  • Phase Three: This final phase occurs while the communicator is stepping away from you. The information begins to become a little less clear, because the control gradually weakens and the energy fields begin to become separated. The message should come to a close during this phase of the communication.

The problem arises when, during the first phase of the message, the student does not work hard enough to establish a stronger link with the communicator and, thus, get into phase two. It is at this point that many developing mediums encounter difficulty and either stand in complete silence or give up and conclude the message, without offering any tangible evidence or information. This can be very frustrating, because the worker did not give the spirit communicator ample opportunity to get close enough to relate the substance of the message.

As a developing medium, you must understand that the initial stage of a message may not be very clear. The spirit communicator is still feeling his or her way around and trying to blend with your energy field. At this stage, you must work hard, maintain some form of verbal interaction, and attempt to strengthen the link, so that you and the spirit friend can pass onto the next stage of the communication. Be brave and give whatever bit you get, so that the communicator will be given the opportunity to draw closer and work with you even more strongly. This requires that you work hard and not give up! Unfortunately, today, students are simply not trained to work hard at their developing mediumship. Everyone expects instant results. Make me a medium this weekend is the plague of this New Age of frivolous channeling.

This is why we insist that you work at giving the three elements of a message: a communicator; a description; and the message.

Evidential message work is spontaneous. The bottom line is this: you never know how the message will come about, until you open your mouth and begin speaking. This is where you must exhibit trust and faith and understand that the harder you work at giving a message, the better and more clear it will be.

Excerpt from Lesson Ten.

Copyright 2003, Rev. Simeon Stefanidakis . All rights reserved.

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