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How To Develop Mediumship:
A Working Guide to Unfoldment

Effective Circle Leadership

In this lesson, we shall attempt to address several issues with which circle members may struggle during their development. Although the insight given in this lesson speaks to circle leaders, it should offer, with equal clarity, helpful hints on the potential problems which can arise in the development circle.

The development of mediumship is not quite as easy as some may think. For many, it challenges whole belief structures; for others, it causes them to look at what service and sacrifice really mean; for yet others, it brings to the surface a wide variety of emotions and feelings. The human struggle is a very natural part of mediumistic development. The manner in which a circle deals with it and the problems which arise from it, can, quite frankly, make or break the circle. No problem is so insignificant that it does not warrant at least some attention.

There is a natural tendency for the professional medium to forget the struggles of early mediumistic development. This can very easily develop into a lack of sensitivity to the basic needs of the beginner. We addressed the need for the developing medium to nurture patience. This applies, equally, to the circle leader. You must be patient with your students; yet, you must also know when too much patience, on your part, begins fostering complacency and laziness within the circle.

Sensitivity is vital. This course deals with one form of sensitivity: mediumistic sensitivity. As circle leader, you must also be humanly sensitive. Mediumistic sensitivity does not necessarily preclude human sensitivity. There are many talented mediums who are very insensitive in their interactions with people. The issue of psychic sensitivity and human sensitivity is very important to all mediums, regardless of what stage in their work they happen to be.

In choosing which issues to address, we looked at the various circles with which we have worked over the years. We cannot consider every problem; each circle is unique in its work and in its interactions. By addressing some of the problems with which you might find yourself confronted, we hope to offer greater insight, understanding, and sensitivity. Some situations will involve individual circle members; others will involve the circle as a group.

Before we continue, let us, yet once again, remind you that whenever a circle member or the group has a problem with mediumistic development, seek the guidance of Spirit. There is a wealth of insight and love available from those friends and companions in Spirit. Do not hesitate to take advantage of it. Furthermore, ask God to help guide you and the group in resolving any conflict which may arise. Remember: God is the Guide to Whom all guides look for ultimate guidance.

The issues addressed in this lesson are not solely for working mediums and circle leaders. Students and beginners can benefit and receive assistance in addressing some issues which they, themselves, may end up encountering.

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