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The New Dispensation
Trance Discourse
Delivered Through the Mediumship of
Mrs. E. R. Dyar

Before The
First Spiritual Temple
(Then, The Working Union of Progressive Spiritualists)

Berkeley Hall, Boston, Mass.

March 29, 1885


Thou art the soul close beside us, O, Infinite Love. Thou art so tenderly folding us in Thy garments that we, gathered here to-day, though few in number, live again that olden lay, that sweet and tender lay of Him, who, watching beside those he loved, made them feel that they, being faithful, did more in one short day than they who watched and waited and then scattered, did in long years. We who stand beside this beautiful cradle to-day, this cradle of the new light, this beautiful watchword descended from Thee, O Infinite Love, this tender watchword which wraps us in light and tenderness, and more that all, guides us in faithfulness; this watchword of brotherly and sisterly love, delight to gather where hearts are strong and true, where principles are being faithfully trained; where the moral light shines out clear and pure, and where the sunshine itself cannot make deeper or more beautiful lighting and beautifying than that inner and more resplendent sunshine of the spirit.

Tender, loving, Infinite One, Thou whose arms reach out like mother arms and fold us closely to Thyself, give us that sweet deep power of Thine, which shall make our penetration keener, which shall make our wisdom take up the great light which has been shining forever, but which shall grow brighter as it shines on, which shall make us accept that great trust of Thine that we are spirits, standing between Thyself and those who wear their mortal garments, and which shall make us feel the glow of Thy light shining upon us that we may breathe out our power and our love and our perfect trust both for Thee and for ourselves. We know, O Father, when Thy hand touched this cradle which Thou hast given into the keeping of mortals; we knew when Thy index finger touched it with a power which made known that within it lay the infant of Thy love, in whose clear shining eyes mortals, looking down upon it, should see the faces of the angels mirrored there, and in whose first cry, as it went forth into the world, men and women should recognize Thy power and might.

This cradle of spiritual light, O, Father, which Thou hast touched, this babe of infinite courage and wisdom which Thou hast created and laid there; this beautiful gift which Thou hast given into our keeping; we who stand so often invisible before men that Thee for. We bless Thee that our hands shall touch it, and we hope with Thee and for all mankind that when the sweeter shining comes upon the upturned face of that little babe, this beautiful new dispensation of light which it shall reveal unto men, their hearts shall catch more of the shining of those upper spheres, that their feet shall walk more pointedly in the light, and their hands shall grasp hold of the promise made so many years ago, and in that grasping, and that holding, a strength so mighty shall be given unto them that their feet shall not falter by the way, neither shall their hearts be bowed down and heavy with any weight or care or sorrow.

Light us gently along the way, we who are thy builders, we who are thy workers; light us nobly along the way, that we may be fearless in the truth, gentle in mercy, tender in love; light us bravely along the way, that no discouragements, such as come to the heart of man, can touch our hearts, that no ceasing of others can make us cease, and that no faltering of others can make us falter along the way which Thou hast pointed out to us unto Thee. We touch Thee with our love, even as Thou has folded us in Thine infinitude; we draw in the breath of Thy spirit, even as Thou hast called upon us to respond to it; we feel the light of Thy kindness round about us as a garment, even as Thou dost, in its tender shining, give grace to every heart.

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