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Phenomenal Mediumship: A Look at Physical Manifestations
By Rev. Simeon Stefanidakis

This feature article comes, in part, as a response to many requests that we offer a more comprehensive look at physical mediumship and some of its implications to the Spirit.

Let us begin by reiterating what we said in the final article of our series, Why Seek Spirit Communication? You may wish to read or review this article:

"Physical mediumship is the process whereby someone, in Spirit, usually known as a spirit operator (as compared to a spirit communicator), works or operates through the mental AND physical energies of the medium and causes something physical to happen on the Earth plane. Physical mediumship is objective in nature; that is, when the phenomena occur, everyone is able to see and/or hear them."

The implications, here, are really quite staggering: Mind is capable of affecting matter. Perhaps this is the most pertinent implication lying at the foundation of physical mediumship.

So, let us look at some of the elements of physical mediumship. We shall do this, in part, through a question-and-answer format.

What makes a physical medium?

Mediumship is an inherent element of the Spirit. Therefore, to some degree, everyone can develop the ability to link with Spirit and, thus, be receptive to the influences coming from those in Spirit. But, not everyone can become a physical medium. Unlike evidential mediumship, which can, to some degree, be developed within most people, physical mediumship requires certain elements to be present within the physical organism of the medium. Either you have those elements or you do not.

First, there must be an abundance of what is known as etheric matter within the etheric vehicle. The etheric vehicle is a subtle counterpart of the physical body which performs two basic functions:

         One: It acts as a battery, or storehouse, for certain types of vital energies which come from the sun (prana) and from the earth (kundalini). This energy vitalizes the dense physical body, in a way which compliments the energy which we receive from the various foods we eat.

         Two: It acts as a bridge of consciousness between the spirit and the body. Specifically, it acts as a bridge of energy and consciousness between the astral body and the physical body. We will not discuss the astral body in this article.

The etheric vehicle is comprised of matter which is far more refined and subtle than the rarest of physical matter (hydrogen). To the clairvoyant, the etheric vehicle appears as a thin, luminous band of light and energy surrounding the physical body by approximately one inch. It tends to have a silvery-blue-grey color and varies in intensity and brilliance, depending upon the general health and energy disposition of the individual.

Illness and physical exhaustion tend to weaken the etheric vehicle, as do long periods of cloudy weather. On the other hand, good health and vigor cause the etheric vehicle to appear more brilliant and energized.

Anton Mesmer, the father of modern-day hypnosis, conducted a great deal of research on etheric energy-matter. He called it "animal magnetism." In his researches, he ascertained that certain people had an abundance of this vital energy-matter. Furthermore, this energy could be transferred from those who had an abundance of it to those who seemed lacking in it. They could do this through mentally directing this energy as they moved their hands over the individual's aura. He called this type of activity "magnetic passes." It forms the basis for the laying-on-of-hands.

Finally, he discovered that certain people could be put into a state of sleep, or trance, through these magnetic passes; and, in that condition, they exhibited paranormal abilities, such as clairvoyance, etc. This was called Mesmerism and, later, became the foundation for modern-day hypnosis.

A person who has an abundance of this vital energy-matter has the potential of becoming a physical medium.

How does Spirit work with a physical medium?

In physical mediumship, the Spirit operators use this abundance of etheric energy and matter in order to produce the various manifestations. They do this exactly as Anton Mesmer discovered: through the directed use of mind, they release this energy-matter from the physical medium's body and use it.

Most often, although not always, the medium must be in a state of rather deep trance. This helps place the medium's mind on the sideline, so to speak, thus allowing the intelligence of the spirit operator to work with and manipulate the etheric energy-matter. Spirit tells us that they assist the medium in attaining this trance state through a process not unlike that of Mesmer's magnetic passes.

During the manifestations, the physical medium usually sits within an enclosed area, called a cabinet. This helps focus the energies and creates a type of battery from which the phenomena can be built and energized. There is usually a curtain in front of the cabinet which can be spread apart in order for people to see what is going on within the cabinet.

Another condition which seems to prevail in physical mediumship is that of darkness. Most physical phenomena take place in darkened quarters, with a dim red light providing the only light source. Spirit tells us that white light tends to inhibit the phenomena, while dim red light energizes it. Unfortunately, this condition has, over the years, tended to foster an amazing barrage of cheating and fraud within the realm of physical mediumship. These conditions do not allow people to see very well and can create a psychological effect which fosters the seeds for figment of imagination.

Having said this, I should add that darkness is not a requisite for good phenomena to occur. Our founder, Marcellus Ayer, insisted that all demonstrations of physical mediumship, taking place within our Church, be performed in fully lit quarters. And some amazing phenomena occurred in his day.

What is ectoplasm?

When the spirit operators withdraw the etheric energy-matter from the medium's body, it is known as ectoplasm. It is through the use and manipulation of ectoplasm that the physical phenomena occur. Ectoplasm can be created in many different forms -- both visible and invisible; white and colored -- all depending upon what the Spirit people wish to do with this amazing substance.

Once created, the ectoplasm generally emerges from the medium through some bodily orifice (nose or mouth) or through a psychic center, located near the navel, known as the solar plexus.

This article is continued in Part Two.

Photographs of Physical Phenomenon


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