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Rev. Stephen R. Fulton
Pastor Emeritus
First Spiritual Temple

Rev. Stephen Fulton's call to the ministry came when he was 10 years old. He knew, at that time, that his life would be devoted to helping people fill in the missing wonders of God, Spirit, and Jesus Christ; wonders that are just never mentioned. He is a theologian and scholar in Old and New Testament history, Egyptology, ancient Aramaic cultures, as well as an avid student in Biblical archeology.

Rev. Fulton began his training in the United States Navy, as a chaplain's assistant. He continues to be a student of metaphysics and has a keen interest in anthropology.

He firmly believes that we are spirit; as such, the ancient mysteries and wonders of God, Spirit, and Jesus Christ are all a part of our spirits, even in our DNA. He believes that it is imperative for us, today, to understand the man Jesus, as well as the Spirit of Christ.

His involvement with the First Spiritual Temple spans over 35 years. He works with healing and issues of chronic pain, both for individuals and their families.

Rev. Fulton is an inspirational trance medium and channel. His Spirit guides are known as Syrsha and John. Together, they share a ministry which sheds a profound light on us and our world.

Although Rev. Fulton is retired due to physical problems, we cherish his work and his ministry. He shares as much of his ministry with us as possible.



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