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New Year 2006 Messages from Spirit Syrsha and Spirit John


Introducing Spirit Syrsha

Spirit Syrsha has been an influence in Rev. Stephen Fulton's life since the age of five. He began trance channeling through Rev. Stephen, since the medium was 29 years of age, for now, approximately 25 years.

While he has experienced many life journeys -- as have we all -- Syrsha relates, at this time, most closely to an ancient Egyptian experience. He is well-experienced and versed in the ancient religious concepts of Egypt, Judaism, and early Christianity.

He has a unique ability to blend the threads of these three perspectives into a tapestry which reveals the mystery and the wonder of life; something we need so badly today.

Syrsha believes that we have lost touch with the experience which an awareness of our spirits brings to life. He reminds us, constantly, that we are eternally spirit, residing, from time to time, within this physical world.

Every third Sunday of the month, he addresses the congregation, at our worship service. He also presents classes and spiritual retreats several times a year.

Spirit Syrsha is kind, gentle, sensitive, and filled with a loving humor. He endeavors to help people get in touch with the ancient part of themselves -- their spirit. He believes that, if we can get in touch with this part of ourselves, then, we can bring hope, faith, wonder, and happiness back into our lives.

"Cynicism is a sign of the absence of remembrance of our spirit," he says. "Regain your wholeness and you can once again believe in yourself, God, and others. Then, you will rediscover trust, truth, and hope within you."

Spirit Syrsha is fascinated with the concept of the Internet. "I have gone from Hieroglyphs to megabytes," he says.

We hope that you will let him into your heart. He will stir your soul, so that you can feel, your spirit, once again.

The ancient Hieroglyph of the billowing sail has been chosen by Syrsha as a personal symbol. This ancient symbol so beautifully represents all that he stands for.

This Hieroglyph depicts wind, air, movement, and the journey.

The character conveys the concept underlying the action of spirit and body: the physical sail of the body is filled with the wind of the spirit.

To the ancient Egyptians, the element of air conveyed the concepts of motion, journey, and communication. On a higher level, it represents the forces of thought, heart, intelligence, and spirit.

One of the earliest communications from Syrsha was a parable, called The Journey in Search of Truth. This parable uses the symbols of a sailing ship and lighthouse, in order to explain the journey of the earthly traveler, in search of his/her spirit. Over the years, it has inspired hundreds. Soon, it will be available, narrated to music.

Syrsha's motto has always been: "We have come to be the wind in your sails; to help give you movement, but not to lead you."

It is interesting to note that this Hieroglyph was just recently given to Rev. Fulton, by Syrsha, as we were contemplating upon what symbol to use as a representation of Syrsha and his work.

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