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From the Teachings Of
Spirit Syrsha
Rev. Stephen Fulton, Trance Medium


"New Year Message: 2006"


Sunday Morning, January 15, 2006




Bible Reference: I CORINTHIANS 12:1-7


I bring to you greetings. We consider this, this morning, and with John in the next week to be the presentation of our New Years message.


We will be straight-forward and we do ask that you place these messages on your Internet as quickly as possible and to see that all members who have not been here receive the message or a copy of this message. In this way, we can extend our New Years message to you and extend also the idea of the times; the idea of the search, and the idea that Mr. Ayer has instilled within this Temple. The time has come for it to be fully understood as it works to and with all that is occurring today.


Again, I bring to you greetings.


The Scripture this morning is an important guideline for anyone who seeks to understand and work with God; to have God walk with them, and for them to walk with God. To understand the teachings and the message of Jesus Christ: to bring forth not only the concept of Salvation, of Security, and of Hope, and to bring about the idea of free thinking, not just thinking.


To bring about within the spiritual worlds and the worlds upon the earth the idea and the realization that belief is of vital importance, that how and what we believe is of vital importance, and that his message was to bring us close to the workings of God; the gifts God gives to us; to bring the Spirit closer to the Earth and the Earth closer to the Spirit.


The Scripture tells us that we need to use our hearts and our heads. It tells us that there are ways and means by which many will try to confuse the issues and beliefs of God. The thoughts that have been passed to us all throughout enormous amounts of time.


Everything past is not whole, and everything past is certainly, not broken. But we come to try to understand what we believe as Spirits and what our mission upon the Earth is. What is the meaning of my life? The purpose of my life? Then it becomes of great importance to seek, to understand.


God gives us gifts, gifts of the Spirit, according to what He sees in all things. We can say to ourselves: everyone has the potential of being a medium. Well everyone may have the potential, but certainly not everyone will. Not all will even show the care. And thats okay. There are those who will be engaged in the gifts of healing, but not everyone will be engaged in the gifts of healing. There will be those who will reach to interpret tongues, to help bring the message of various Spirits forward so that they are understood, or even if they are spoken in the language in which they are heard, they still often need to be understood.


And so the discerning of tongues and the interpretation of tongues and the interpretation of those who speak, who come to bring forth messages and to bring forth the connections of Spirit; to God, through demonstration, through Spirit-to-Spirit communicating without the barriers of death, or space or quiet.


The gifts are apportioned to be able to do many things as God apportions them. If a person in their life, in the choice of their course, has no need for these gifts, then while they may be examined they may not be automatically assumed. And when we give ourselves; when we recognize these gifts, whatever they might be, in the course of our lives walking down the street, working with people, with families, working with loved ones. When we see or feel these gifts for us, and we accept them, then we must accept them in all ways. This according to Mr. Ayer, from the Scripture, from which God and Christ ask us to manifest: accepted for the common good of all. Not for the Ego, not for the self, not to be boosted up to be seen as this or that. But to honestly and completely take upon yourself the gift with which you feel you have been given.


Seek to understand it. Seek to work with it. Seek to bring those gifts to God, to Jesus Christ and ask for all the guidance you can receive. So when you work with these gifts should they manifest, work with them humbly, work with them to help and to serve others, not to measure how much you serve others or do not. Do not judge others who do not have those gifts, or do not seek them out. We work together and we come to believe together and when we believe the common good is served, wherever individuals are served above the common good, there is mischief about and the gifts are in a word, sullied.


Therefore, in this new year, when you reach to God and you pray, ask God to help you, to guide you. Ask Jesus to lay his hand and the hand of Spirit upon you, that you might discover these gifts more deeply and more fully, that they might become a dedication of your Spirit giving life and meaning to you, and life and meaning to others. And be comforted in knowing that we can touch one another and walk away and when we are needed we will be called. That when we touch we also shall be touched. We give then, of ourselves if we understand this great Scripture. We give of ourselves freely, we present the gift as it is, we present ourselves fully and totally and we do not take upon ourselves behind the scene all that which may make the gift imprisoned.


In the new year, times will be changing, things will change as they do in each new year. Time for spiritual gifts is rapidly coming upon us, the time to look at them, to think about them, to see to it that we work upon them. Not try to find every spiritual gift that can be mentioned or stated on a list so that we can hopefully decide which were going to work with. Today is a year in which we need to decide; a year in which we need to be one thing until we can fully understand it. A time in which we need to reach to one another and not cause any harm in any way. Not by thought, not by tongue, not by action.


Its a time when we find within ourselves when we seek deeply to maintain the gifts of the Spirit, to understand them, to work with them, to try and to develop them. That we feel the presence of God and Gods commitment to us and the commitment he seeks from us. We find a Kingdom of Spirit which lives and dwells within us and therefore can never be far off, distant, or unattainable. We need to believe in the power of God to help us and to guide us. To help us find within our lives meaning and purpose no matter what may happen, that we might find hope and security. That we might find the protection offered. That doesnt mean its not going to rain. That doesnt mean there isnt going to be thunder and lightning. It doesnt mean that there isnt going to be discomfort. It doesnt mean that there will be a loss of comfort. It doesnt mean that we will never be happy. It does not mean that we shall never succeed and prosper. It does not mean that we shall never be happy.


What our believes and our works do together is what brings about the bridge of the Kingdom for each and every one of us and for each and every soul we touch and come upon. Its a new year, its a new time. Its a time of new commitment to understand more deeply and more fully. To come together as a family and as a community for the purpose of what we can all do together not what we can all do separately. It is a time that we put behind our words, behind our hopes, behind our prayers and behind our beliefs all that which is given freely of God and of Jesus Christ. All that which is given freely to us by Spirit.


Your spirit guides, your spirit workers do not come simply to manifest and manage or maintain spiritual gifts. They come to help you find the meaning and the purpose for using them. The meaning and the purpose behind them. The meaning and the purpose within the silence without words; the meaning and the purpose within all things.


And with this, the Kingdom of Spirit which is the Kingdom of God is a Spirit within you and when you take these gifts upon yourself you take that blessing also.


Do not, do not water it down. People are in need. People need to know. People need to see people who truly believe in what they see and what they believe and what they teach. They do not need to see structures which present similarities, which presents maybes, ifs and oh yeses. They do not need to see those who will present themselves or their gifts as above all things. They need to see the simple down-to-earth honest fact that you believe in what you say, that you believe in what you do. That means that we must depend upon our characters and we must give character a big place in our lives.


Everyone can say I have character, I have standards and I have principle, but if these thing last for no more than a few weeks or a month and theyve changed yet again, we need to stop and ask God and Spirit to help us, to guide us. Are we on a journey just for ourselves? Or does the fact that we are on that journey mean that we are in search to help others as well in different ways, in many different forms.


And so its a new year. Its a new year at the First Spiritual Temple. Its a new year for all of us as Spirit to come together. Its a new year for us to think, to think, to think, and to remember, and remember and remember.


If we do not think, we will have little effect. If we do not remember we will never know who we are so we will never come to know who we can be or who we could have been.


If we do not remember the struggle then we will never be able to use spiritual gifts to help ourselves or to help others lessen that struggle; to find faith and hope in the most horrible situations. God said, "Speak, and you shall be heard. Hope, and hope shall blossom." 


Have faith and rediscover the wonders within yourself and help others to understand that wonder as well. It means coming together. It means being together. It means believing and respecting. Look at it this way and very simply: so many people today want to be mediums. They believe in communication between Spirits both on the Earth and in Heaven. They believe that communication can pass the barriers of thought which compromise death. They believe in many aspects of healing. They believe that Spirit can touch our hearts and touch our souls. And yet, in that belief, we lose our foundation. We can too easily, too quickly, come to seek more and more beliefs because we have not come to understand the ones we hold. Hold on to what you can see in your Spirit and in your heart and when you see it in the world, be ever so grateful. And if you do not see it, be ever so faithful.


We cannot believe only in ourselves. We cannot believe only in our own gifts. We cannot believe that all Creation is just for us. We cannot believe that all manifestations of the Kingdom and of Spirit are for us to use as we so choose and say that we believe. If we find that we are resentful toward God because God is an authority, or Jesus Christ because of well, all the things that people have done in his name through the past, we eliminate the bridge, we eliminate the connections.


If we cannot believe in what we say, if we cannot believe in what we do, if we believe in being hopeful and helpful and reaching and being faithful and then move in such ways as to harm and to hurt others with our words, then we do not believe. If we cannot believe in God then we cannot believe in Spirit. If we cannot believe in Jesus Christ we cannot believe in the message that moves throughout all Creation. If we cant believe in Mohammad; if we cant believe in Buddha, then we have nothing left. All that we believe is a shadow, a hopefulness, maybe. When we can truly come to believe, when we can say God knows and will reach out to me, my life is not all within my control but I must do all that I can. Then, we bring the Kingdoms together. Thats a wondrous goal for a new year. Its a wonderful process for us to enter into for a new year. The world needs it desperately and will need it even more so. As we continue more and more to say what we believe to cover the fact that we do not.


Let us then in this new year resolve to ask God to help us. Resolve to seek to believe. Resolve to understand the meaning of Covenant. Resolve to understand the meaning of commitment to one another, both in the physical world and as Spirits. Let us not be all separate. Let us come together. Separate cannot build a bridgetogether we can do anything.


So with this we wish you a happy new year. We know that you will find things beyond your imagination and hope. We know that no matter how fearful things might seem or become, with God, with Christ, with faith, with hope and with our stern beliefs as Spirit we can move through anything. Not simply because we wish it, but because we will have faith to move mountains, empowered by the love of God.


May God, then, be with you all.



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