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The Wisdom of a Child: An Experience in England

Date: Wednesday Evening, January 21, 2003.
Cawston College, Aylsham, Norfolk, United Kingdom
This took place during a recent visit to England by Rev. Stephen Fulton and Rev. Simeon Stefanidakis.

It was Wednesday evening, January 21, 2003, at Cawston College, Aylsham, Norfolk, England. Present were Rev. Simeon Stefanidakis, Rev. Stephen Fulton, Stephen Barry, Christine Barry, Eveline Herzer, and Paul Hart.

We had decided to have an evening of transfiguration in the Green Room, located in the main building of Cawston College. Cawston College was once a beautiful country mansion. The main building looks much as it did at the time it was a private residence. The Green Room is a smaller room, just across the hallway from the main entrance and foyer of the property. I refer to it as the Green Room, because it is painted in two most lovely shades of green, with green carpeting and green stuffed chairs.

A cabinet was set up for Rev. Stephen. I should note that, at the First Spiritual Temple, Rev. Stephen does not generally sit in a cabinet while working with transfiguration.

After a series of experiments, Rev. Stephen stepped into the cabinet for the purposes of allowing spirit Christal, a young child spirit who works as the magnet in Rev. Stephen’s physical mediumship, to speak and the production of the transfigurations.

Rev. Stephen Fulton, with Christine Barry and Stephen Barry, both Trustees of Cawston College.
Eveline Herzer — Center — from Switzerland, Trustee of Cawston College.
Paul Hart.
Cabinet used during the evening.

The Phenomena

Christal came forward and spoke to us in her usual style, making sure that the energy was appropriate for the work about to unfold. She spoke to the group about how successful phenomena can be achieved and how delicate are the conditions behind the scenes while the various manifestations are being produced; both in the production of the ectoplasm and the production of various sounds, raps, and taps.

There were not many who transfigured for the group; the most successful transfiguration belonged to Stephen and Christine Barry. It was a friend of theirs who did a good job in creating the face over that of the medium. What was most intriguing about this transfiguration is that as soon as the Barry’s recognized who it was, Stephen Barry mentioned that the nose was not quite right. He did NOT indicate WHAT was wrong with the nose; simply that it was not correct. Immediately, a sudden and rather dramatic change in the structure of the nose took place; it changed from a more slender nose to one which was quite large and full at the top and nostrils. This change thrilled the Barry’s because it was exactly the type of nose which their friend, in Spirit, had.

After a period of working with transfiguration, Christal asked if we were interested in working with sounds, etc. We all agreed it would be wonderful. There was a period of silence, and one could feel the room changing. This change in energy and temperature is common in our own work at the Church. It is difficult to describe; all I can say is that the room became quite cool and you could feel a presence and an energy literally filling the space. It became difficult to see clearly, as the room was being filled with this energy-consciousness. The room, itself, was not totally blackened out, as a gentle light from the moon was beaming in through the rather large windows. It was not a strong light; not enough to wash out a bit the traditional red light used in physical phenomena.

Eventually, what light there was in the room – both from the subtle glow of the moon and the dim red light – quickly became hidden under this increasing darkness and energy. The darker the room became, the colder the air became. This is common in any work with physical mediumship.

Although this has never been said to us by Spirit, it is my personal theory that in order to build up the necessary energy for the production of the phenomena, Spirit uses not only the energy from the physical medium and those present in the room, they also reach into the atmosphere, itself, and pull from the energy present in the room; thus, the drop in temperate. Keep in mind that any drop in temperature results from a reduction in the radiant thermal heat – a form of energy – in the atmosphere.

After a while, we could all distinctly and audibly hear various raps and taps along and within the walls of the room. They originated first from behind the cabinet itself; then, they moved across the room to the area of the door, just behind the group.

The Personal Message for Paul

After this period of phenomena, Christal asked Paul to come forward for some personal counseling. It was at this point that I saw a side of Christal which I had never experienced before; at least to the degree witnessed during this evening. It should be noted that, on occasion, Christal has been known to offer some profound and deeply enlightening communication, demonstrating that she is, in fact, an ancient soul who has traveled through time and history and, in her travels, has acquired a deep level of wisdom. It is a clear testimony that we all manifest differing facets of our personalities, some of which glitter at certain times and others of which gleam at other times.

Christal reached across and took Paul’s hands and began communicating to him in such a deeply profound manner. She clearly set aside her “little girl” persona and began communicating with Paul, soul to soul and spirit to spirit. She touched Paul in ways and at depths that, at least from my perspective, few have been able to do. Her voice changed and she offered Paul just what his soul and spirit needed at that moment, and she did so with deep sensitivity, wisdom, and honor. It literally drew Paul to tears.

On the surface, Paul seems like an unaffected, down-to-earth man; but, after getting to know him a bit, one can see clearly that he is deeply spiritual and has a profound love and respect for God and Spirit. He is a gentle soul whose light shines through his person. It was an honor to witness Christal touching him at this level, and it was deeply moving to see this “child” spirit suddenly expressing her own inner strength and wisdom.

A Room Speaks to Us

As the evening began to come to a close, we were asked to sit in silence and be aware. Once again, the resounding silence mentioned above began to full the room. One could feel the walls literally bulging with a most profound energy-consciousness. I use the term “energy-consciousness” because it was an energy which was alive with consciousness.

Then, it happened: the room became even colder and we could all hears what could only be described as voices, in the distance. The voices began to become a bit more audible and seemingly closer to us. At one point, I made the comment: “It seems as if the room and the building are becoming alive and trying to communicate with us.” I was not aware of any one spirit trying to communicate to us; rather, the room and building trying to communicate with us. The room began to feel much alive, yet much full of death and the pall of death.

The voices – which sounded like a murmur and rumbling in the background – became a bit more clear and close, and the room took on a distinct and distinctive feeling. At this point, Christal shared with us what was happening.

The building was used during the First World War as a troop hospital. The owners of the property knew this and had shared that with us prior to this evening. Christal then shared with us what was going on. She said that the room we were sitting in – this Green Room – was once bigger and used as a holding room where the soldiers who had become injured in battle were brought, in stretchers, until they died. It was, quite literally, a place where wounded soldiers simply waited to die and pass on to Spirit. What we were contacting – or what was contacting us – was the energy-consciousness of that period of time in the building’s history.

We were NOT contacting the spirits of the dead soldiers, and they were certainly not bound or earthbound to that tragic time in their lives. But, the events which had taken place in that room and the building were so deeply ingrained within the mortar, bricks, and space of it that, during this evening, we were allowed to be in communion with this energy and consciousness. We were taken back in the Green Room’s history and allowed to feel the pain and sadness of those soldiers who were waiting to die.

In my life, I have had the opportunity to witness and experience some powerful Spirit contact, Spirit communication, and Spirit communion; but, this evening was like nothing else I had experienced befire. Everyone could feel the intense energy-consciousness pouring forth from the past and touching us in the present.

Why this happened I cannot say. What I can say is that nothing in life is ever lost. Every person, place, and thing has an energy, deeply imbedded within. A psychic and psychometrist can tap into these energies and reveal history.

It was the late Joseph Rhodes Buchanan (1814-1899) who understood this and, during his lifetime, endeavored to research psychometry. It was Joseph Buchanan who, in 1842, coined the term “psychometry” as meaning the “measuring of the soul”. In 1889, he wrote the classic and, still, THE most authoritative book on the subject, “The Manual of Psychometry”. The founder of our Church, Marcellus Ayer, and the great Andrew Jackson Davis worked closely together in helping promote the research on Mr. Buchanan.

The evening ended, and we were all left with a deep appreciation for the gift which Spirit had just given us.

~ Rev. Simeon

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