Founded in 1883

Making Sense of God, Christ, Spirit and Religion Through 4000 Years of Spiritualism

Our Church Pioneers

Marcellus Seth Ayer

Our Beloved Founder.

He loved God and Christ, and he loved the concept of Spirit and spiritual communication. But, he knew that it was all just a doorway: a doorway into life’s most amazing mysteries and revelations. He knew that what was being revealed through Spirit communication and Spiritualism could be an answer to people’s most perplexing questions. To him, Spiritualism was a gift to Humanity; not to be embraced by anyone group, nor to be limited to simple phenomena and demonstration. It was a gift given to all people, of all faiths and denominations. He was a true visionary.

Hattie Ayer

Our Founder’s Wife.

Hattie taught the children in the Temple’s Lyceum (Sunday School). She was also the first manageress of the famed Exeter Street Theatre.

Mrs. E. R. Dyar

Trance and physical medium for Church, from 1884 until her death on May 18, 1888. Shown here in trance, with spirit Christal. Christal was and continues to be the magnet for a group of spirits, known as The Temple Band, who help guide our Church.

Memorial Star

Memorial Star in honor of Mrs. E. R. Dyar. Originally placed in the Boston Temple by our founder, it also adorned the Chapel wall of the Brookline Temple. Unfortunately, it was lost during the transition from Brookline to Harwich.

Mrs. H. S. Lake

Mrs. Lake was a trance medium for Church, from 1888 to the mid-1890’s. Through her mediumship, many inspiring and informative discourses were given by Spirit. She was also very much involved in women’s rights.

Mrs. N. J. Willis

Trance and physical medium for the Church, from the early-1890’s until her death on December 6, 1911. She was deeply loved and respected by everyone who knew her. Through her mediumship, congregations and audiences of the First Spiritual Temple were hosted to hundreds of inspiring and thought-provoking trance discourses. She was, also, an exceptional evidential medium. She continues to work with the Temple from the Spirit side of life.

Alice J. Spalding

Miss Alice Spalding was Secretary of the Church for over 20 years. Her incredible penmanship graces many pages of our early Church Minutes Books. It was because of Miss Spanding’s copious transcriptions of countless trance addresses, given between 1883 and 1911, that we have four volumes of Trance Addresses delivered by our pioneer mediums: Mrs. Dyar, Mrs. lake, and Mrs. Willis. Were it not for Miss Spalding, much of our early Church historical records would not exist today.

A. Viola Berlin

A legend in her day. President and Trustee of the Church from October 17, 1935, until her death on May 12, 1976. Under her direction, the Church hosted some of the world’s most noted sensitives and parapsychologists for the free monthly Wednesday Evening Lectures. Under her management, both she and the old Exeter Street Theatre — an institute in Boston’s history — became known as the Grand Dames of Boston Theatres.

Florence Berlin

Trustee of the First Spiritual Temple, from May 4, 1939, until her retirement on November 4, 1980. Under her direction, the Church’s Library grew ten-fold in size and is now considered one of the finest libraries of its type in the United States. In earlier years (1926 to 1940), Florence was secretary to famed Harvard historian, Samuel Eliot Morison. She passed away on January 18, 1987.

Rev. Stephen Fulton

Pastor and Trustee of the First Spiritual Temple from March 16, 1977 until his passing on June 16, 2017. His ministry and mediumship had the most profound impact upon the Church since the passing of our founder. Countless and inspiring trance addresses were delivered during his nearly 40 years of service to the Temple. He was also a most remarkable physical medium, which manifested primarily as transfiguration, levitation, and paranormal movements. He continues to serve the Temple from the Spirit side of life. Rev. Fulton’s Memorial Tribute.

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