Making Sense of God, Christ, Spirit and Religion Through 4000 Years of Spiritualism

The Harwich Temple

First Spiritual Temple, West Harwich, MA

Interfaith Banner

Prayer Bench and FST Healing Vigil Light

Fellowship and FST Board of Directors Table

Main St., Route 28 Church Sign

Another Section of the Library

2020 Holiday Season

Easter 2021

Temple Sanctuary/Chapel

Speaker’s Podium/Chairs

Wall Hanging of “Tree of Life” on Permanent Loan from New York’s Temple of Understanding 

Community Fellowship Room

Fellowship/Classroom/Library Area

Small Section of Library

2020 Holiday Season

Easter 2021

The Golden Rule from Various Faiths

Display Case Showing Church Historical Memorabilia Going Back to 1883

Greeter’s Table

Table from Boston/Brookline Temples for Historical/Religious/Ceremonial Displays

Pastor’s Office, Library, and Sitting/Counseling Room

Signage in front of the Church

Easter 2021

Easter 2021