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We invite you to join us in prayer and healing on behalf of the pets listed below. Prayer is universal. It adheres to no religion or denomination. It is a gift of the Spirit, granted to us all by the Holy and Healing Spirit of God.

Spend a few moments in prayer for these animals in need of healing. We update this list several times a week. Thank you and God bless you!

- Healing Requests Submitted During Past 14 days For Pets -


Pet Type


Healing Request



Lhasa Scotty Dog

Springfield, Virginia.

Ben is a Lhasa Scotty mix and is on his last few days. I would love some prayers for him that his release from his body be very peaceful and his transition be happy and wonderful. He will be 12 years old in one month. He came to us as a rescue dog 8 short years ago and is very aggressive due to emotional issues. I love him with all my heart and promised him that I would be with him forever, till the end here and into eternity. Thank you very much for any prayers you may offer him at this time.




Newton, West Virginia.

Please pray for Brandy. He has been diagnosed with a serious heart condition. He has gained an excessive amount of weight.


Smokes, Snowball and Max


Portland, Oregon.

Pray for their health and for them to be safe from bad animals and humans and cars and such. I love my cats dearly. This is a prayer to God.




Boonville, Indiana

Heal cancer and cataracts



Welsh Corgi Dog

Amesbury, Massachusetts

Nino is having more difficulty with walking and coordination. Help provide healing to his hip sockets and vertebrae of his back, so that he can be as pain free as possible.




Hamilton, Canada

Protect and bless our dog Juno, as well as all other pets in our community. Also, help us become more at one with all of creation.




Hamilton, Canada

Help Raven be more comfortable in her old age. Pray for arthritis medication to work.




Satellite Beach, Florida

Healing for her hypersenstivity. We adopted her from a local vet, and evidently, she was under trauma previously. We treat her like gold and would like to see her healed.


Indy, Terra and Beanie


Downers Grove, Illinois, USA

Healing for 3 rescued cats with feline herpes, please pray for their health and happiness.

Online Healing List for People

Prayer given by Spirit John, on behalf of all animals on this page:

"We join with you in your prayers and needs. Please know that we pray with you, as you touch our hearts! May God hold you, and bring you calm and peace in the middle of your storms. You were born to be greater than the storm; that is the wonder of your spirit, which is forever God's Promise!"


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