The Original Boston Temple

The Original First Spiritual Temple (Held in Trust by the Ayer Trustees)
Dedicated and Consecrated on September 26th, 27th, and 28th, 1885

Historical Timeline:

  • June 28, 1883: Founding of our church.
  • April 9, 1884: Laying of the cornerstone for First Spiritual Temple.
  • September 26-28, 1885: Dedication and consecration of First Spiritual Temple.
  • June, 1975: Original Temple sold by the Ayer Trustees; church relocated to Brookline, Massachusetts.
  • September 22, 1985: Centenary Anniversary of original Temple. Cornerstone was removed and contents of original time capsule given to church. New time capsule placed behind cornerstone, to be opened in September, 2085.
  • September 30, 2013: Brookline Temple sold by the Ayer Trustees.
  • October 1, 2018: Leasing building at 55 Main St., Route 28, West Harwich.
  • April 1, 2023: First Spiritual Temple goes 100% virtual.
  • September 29, 2023: Temple relocates to Kingston, NY.

Spirit’s Dedication of the Original Boston Temple

September 27, 1885

Dedication Given by Spirit Star:

“I consecrate this Temple to holy living, to universal brotherhood (sisterhood), to the cultivation of that spirit which the Divine Master brought with him, in his life and teachings when on earth, to unity of the spiritual life with that of earth, that there may be but one life, one brotherhood (sisterhood), one God and Father of us all; that from this place may be taught that wisdom which shall recognize more than teachings from the intellect, even the development and wisdom of the heart-life; that here the hearts of people may be awakened to do, as well as their heads to think, for only through the wisdom that comes from both heart and head can God be brought near to help us in all our endeavors. And may all who come to listen have receptive hearts to be taught how to live the divine life. Amen.”

First Spiritual Temple
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