Sunday Interfaith Spiritualist Meetings

Please Join Us for Our Updated Online Sunday Meetings at 4 PM ET


Our Temple emerged from the early days of the Modern Spiritualist movement. As an Interfaith Spiritualist Community, we endeavor to create both an inspirational and educational atmosphere that will appeal not only to Spiritualists, but to people of all faiths and spiritual persuasions. Sunday meetings are times to place the cares and concerns of daily life aside and focus attention upon our beloved Creator, in prayerful celebration of Divinity within all. In this, we are motivated and inspired to face the remainder of the week with renewed energy and faith. We embrace the founding principles and teachings of all major faiths, but no house of prayer can be everything to everyone; thus, the emphasis of our meetings lies within the Buddha, the Old Testament Prophets, and the Great Christ Spirit, as manifested in Jesus of Nazareth.

What’s New:

Sunday meetings will be: simplified; a bit more secular; less “religious” and more spiritual.

The meetings will include the following:

  • An opening “Call to Unity” or the “Great Invocation”.
  • Sunday Lesson: An open discussion on some aspect of Ageless Wisdom and how it pertains to your life and to current day issues.
  • Attuning to our Animal Companions.
  • Silent Meditation, including 5 minutes of a Tibetan bell or Buddhist chanting, followed by Healing prayers.
  • Closing Benediction.

The basic plan is for these meetings to be a source of insight, inspiration, education, and wisdom. There are countless Zoom gatherings which are traditionally Spiritualist. The FST is not, and never has been, traditional. That’s what has kept us small, but it is also what has kept us going for nearly 141 years.

Please Note: The Spirit messages will be given every other Wednesday evening, beginning at 7 PM ET, under the heading of Evenings of Spirit Communication.


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