Sunday Spiritualist Meetings

Please Join Us for Online (Zoom) Sunday Meetings at 4 PM

Our Temple emerged from the early days of the Modern Spiritualist movement. As an Interfaith Spiritualist Community, we endeavor to create a worshipful atmosphere that will appeal not only to Spiritualists, but to people of all faiths and spiritual persuasions. Sunday meetings are times to place the cares and concerns of daily life aside and focus attention upon our beloved Creator, in prayerful celebration of Divinity within all. In this, we are motivated and inspired to face the remainder of the week with renewed energy and faith. We embrace the founding principles and teachings of all major faiths, but no house of prayer can be everything to everyone; thus, the emphasis of our meetings lies within the Buddha, the Old Testament Prophets, and the Great Christ Spirit, as manifested in Jesus of Nazareth.

Here is the Order for the Sunday Spiritualist Meetings:

Prelude Music
We Welcome You
Opening Affirmation
Inspirational Reading
Musical Interlude
Lesson Prelude
Sunday Lesson
Spirit Greetings
Prayerful Moments of Healing
Closing Benediction/Prayer
Postlude Music

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Meeting ID: 864 5418 3609       Passcode: 132697  

First Spiritual Temple
Kingston, NY 12401
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Making Sense of God, Spirit, the Prophets and Religion Through 4000 Years of Spiritualism.

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