Our Articles of Faith and Guiding Principles

Our Articles of Faith:

  • We believe in one God and Father/Mother of us all, Who is Spirit.
  • We believe that we are all created in God’s image, as Spirit.
  • We believe that, together, we must actively seek a greater understanding of ourselves and God, as Spirit, in our daily lives. This becomes our gift to God.
  • We believe in communication with God’s Kingdom of Spirit, wherein dwell our guardians, loved ones, and sources of inspiration; furthermore, we believe that such communication is sanctioned and edified in Scripture.
  • We believe in the ministry, teachings, and person of Jesus of Nazareth, as the incarnation of the Great Christ Spirit, and we endeavor to follow his example.
  • We believe, as proclaimed in Scripture, that Jesus was crucified and died in the flesh and resurrected in the Spirit (1 Peter 3:18), thus fulfilling the reality of God’s Promise that we are Spirit and shall never die.
  • We accept the Holy Bible and other Scriptures as vital recordings of Humanity’s experience with and search for God.
  • We believe in prayer and the healing power of God’s Spirit.
  • We believe in the separation of Church and State; religion and politics.
  • We believe that we are accountable to God and to each other. We embrace personal responsibility for our actions, words, and thoughts.
  • We believe that no House of Worship and Prayer should exclude anyone from entering its doors and/or joining its community.

In addition to these Articles of Faith, we accept and fully embrace the following:

  • The Holy Spirit is God’s Spirit alive in the world and in the affairs of men and women.
  • The ancient prophets and Jesus Christ came to earth to share the Divine Word and Spirit of God into the hearts and Souls of Humanity.
  • We accept Reincarnation and the Great Law of Karma: A Cosmic Law of consequence and balance; not one of punishment.
  • Mediumship is a viable means of bridging two seemingly separate worlds of Spirit together, into one kingdom; God’s Universal Kingdom. Mediumship must be maintained with utmost respect and dignity.
  • Death is the passing of the Soul through a doorway and into another dimension of life. Ultimately, there is no death, save one: The turning away of the Soul from God. Yet, even here, grace, salvation, and rebirth are afforded.
  • We honor the sanctity of the Human Spirit and the divine right of the individual to make choices. In this, we are each responsible and accountable – to ourselves, to God, and to each other – for the choices which we make.
  • We honor Natural Law and embrace our responsibilities to members of all Kingdoms: Mineral; Plant, Animal, Human; and Spiritual.
  • The greatest expressions of Divinity within the Human Soul are LOVE and FORGIVENESS. One cannot exist without the other!

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Making Sense of God, Spirit, the Prophets and Religion Through 4000 Years of Spiritualism.

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