Websites of Interest

Harry Edwards Spiritual Healing Sanctuary

The work of the late Harry Edwards, England’s most prestigious spiritual healing channel, as carried on by his followers and close companions, Ray and Joan Branch. An excellent site for truthful information on spiritual healing.

The Theosophical Society of America

The founding of the Theosophical (Wisdom of God) Society, by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, in 1882, represents the rebirth of the Ancient Wisdom to the modern mind. It is a system of teaching and conduct of life which is as much needed today as it was during the times of the Mystery Schools of ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt.

American Society for Psychical Research

The ASPR is the American companion of the original SPR. Located in New York City, for over 115 years they have conducted research into mediumship and allied phenomena. Their Journal and now out-of-print Proceedings are an incredible wealth and storehouse of information on many diverse subjects related to mediumship and the paranormal.

Spiritist Society of Florida

An excellent site which promotes the beliefs and philosophies of Spiritism, along with information on Spiritism’s founding father, Allan Kardec.

College of Psychic Studies

London’s College of Psychic Studies, founded in 1884, is the most prestigious institute of its type. With a long and cherished history, it publishes Light magazine, and exceptional journal dealing with psychic research, mediumship, and related areas of thought.

Rhine Research Center

Named after Joseph Banks Rhine, considered to be the father of modern day parapsychology, this research center, located in Durham, North Carolina, continues the work founded by him and his wife, Louisa Rhine. They publish the prestigious Journal of Parapsychology. Joseph Banks Rhine spoke at our church twice: April 25, 1956 and October 14, 1957.

Parapsychology Foundation, Inc.

Located in New York City and established by the renowned sensitive and psychic researcher, Eileen J. Garrett, the Parapsychology Foundation has an extensive library, a large host of journals, books, and monographs, and continues to offer student scholarships and grant funding for scientific research into parapsychology.

Allan Kardec – The Codifier of Spiritism

A website devoted to the great pioneer, Allan Kardec. This site contains information on Spiritism and Allan Kardec.

The Lucis Trust

Founded by Alice and Foster Bailey as a means of promoting the teachings of The Tibetan, channeled through Alice A. Bailey. These teachings on ancient wisdom are some of the most significant to have emerged during the last 150 years.

Society for Psychical Research

The SPR is the oldest and most established psychical research society. Located in London, for over 125 years they have conducted amazing research into mediumship and allied phenomena. Their Journal and Proceedings are a wealth and storehouse of information.

The Spiritualists National Union

The SNU, headquartered in England, is the world’s largest Spiritualist church body. It has branches throughout the United Kingdom and, now, most of the world.

The Association for Research and Enlightenment

Originally founded as the Edgar Cayce Foundation, the ARE is dedicated to promoting the teachings of Edgar Cayce, perhaps the 20th century’s most noted and respected channels.