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We, at the First Spiritual Temple, endeavor to offer people a wide variety of religious, educational, and spiritual experiences. We offer two doorways through which one can experience our work: Worship and Education. Although both doorways are important and, together, create a wonderful wholeness of experience, we recognize that, initially, some people come to us looking for a Temple and a place of prayer; while others come to us looking for instruction on the various aspects of the spirit. We reach out to both dimensions of the search and give each food for the spirit.

Here is what we offer people, near and far:

Sunday Interfaith Spiritualist Meetings and Ageless Wisdom

Our Sunday Spiritualist meetings are held online, via the Zoom platform, beginning at 4 PM Eastern Time.

Healing Ministry

Our Temple’s Healing Vigil reaches out to those who are in need of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. We have a dedicated Healing Team who will pray for you and channel Divine Healing Energy for whatever need you may have. The Healing Vigil extends beyond the congregation through an inspiring program of absent healing. Please click HERE to submit a healing request.

Religious Education

Dealing with God, Christ, Spiritualism, and the journey of your Soul; how we relate to God, to Christ, and to each other; and making sense of Scripture in modern times.

Private Mediumistic Consultations

Rev. Simeon is available for private mediumistic sittings, via Zoom. To schedule an appointment, please contact Rev. Simeon at [email protected]. His fee is $100 for an approximately one-hour sitting with Spirit.

Bi-Weekly Evenings of Spirit Communication

These bi-weekly public meetings offer the opportunity for your Spirit loved ones and others to link with our mediums and offer you messages of survival, inspiration, or just a chance to say “Hello”.

Each evening will include:

  • Welcoming comments.
  • Music to set the pace for the Spirit communications.
  • Spirit messages.

Depending on the number of attendees, not everyone will receive a message. But, hearing others get a message from their Spirit loved ones is an inspiration to all who attend.

Spiritual Counseling and Healing

Private counseling and healing sessions on spiritual and religious matters, along with guidance on psychic or mediumistic experiences.

General Instruction

The First Spiritual Temple offers a wide variety of practical and down-to-earth classes, lectures, and seminars on the following areas of interest: Spirit Communication; Healing; Esoteric Studies; Psychic Development; Spiritualism; Life After Death; Reincarnation; Journey of Your Soul; Meditation; The Aura and Chakras; Color Healing; and so much more.

Written Ministry

We offer an extensive written and CD ministry. Please visit the online Bookstore by clicking anywhere in this section for all the details.

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Making Sense of God, Spirit, the Prophets and Religion Through 4000 Years of Spiritualism.

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