Evenings with Ernest

A Science of Mind Study Group

Every Second and Fourth Friday, at 7 PM ET
Starting Up Again on Friday, October 27, 2023

Rev. Simeon, Facilitator

When Ernest Holmes first wrote his classic, The Science of Mind, in 1926, it marked a major shift in the “New Thought” movement, then primarily promulgated by the religious movement, known as Unity, founded in 1889 by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore.

While Unity focuses more on prosperity and the Law of Abundance, Science of Mind offers a more down-to-earth, a more spiritually scientific, and a more practical approach to how one can use the power of the mind – Divine and personal – for healing and active engagement in Creation and the divine creative process.

Like Unity, Science of Mind has Christian overtones to it, but more from a secular rather than religious perspective.

This open and ongoing study group will examine various sections of The Science of Mind and open them up for discussion and sharing. Although Rev. Simeon has been a student of Science of Mind since the mid-1970’s, his role will be as facilitator, not as instructor.

The book can be ordered through Amazon.

Each evening will discuss certain passages from the classic Science of Mind and include:

  • Opening Affirmation.
  • Open Discussion on Passage.
  • Practical Application.
  • Closing Affirmation.

Click HERE to attend any meeting or join us, via Zoom, at:

Meeting ID: 885 3699 6053
Passcode: 681821