“Soul Studies”

Rev. Simeon, Facilitator

A Bi-Weekly ZOOM Event
Winter session of Soul Studies has been completed. New session will be offered in the autumn.

Soul Studies is a bi-weekly series of discussions on the Great Journey of the Soul. It will be based on our popular book, The Journey of the Soul.

Each session will focus on a particular aspect of your Soul’s journey through Creation. It’s an amazing journey, one upon which all of us travel. Some go down one pathway; others down another. It matters not which route we each take or what speed we travel. What matters is the journey and your intimate involvement within it. There must be no judgment here; only Love and an awareness of the Unity of all Spirit.

Each session will include:

  • Opening Call to the Soul.
  • The Voice of Silence.
  • Soul Studies Discussion.
  • We Close in Healing.

A Few Points:

  • Purchasing our book would be most helpful, but not necessary.
  • You do not have to attend every session. Once you attend one session, you will be informed of all future sessions.
  • We want this to be a community experience. Rev. Simeon will facilitate the teaching, but the success of this series will be your questions and open and honest sharing.

Click HERE to purchase the Journey of the Soul.

Click HERE or email Simeon at [email protected] to sign up for Soul Studies.

Journey of the Soul

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