Church Training Manual for Spiritual Healing Channels

Written by Rev. Simeon Stefanidakis, this training manual is perfect for both churches and individual study.

For churches, it provides members who are interested in taking the first step in becoming channels for spiritual healing a good educational foundation on healing, how it works, and why it works.

For individual study, this manual provides all the basics of spiritual healing, along with lessons on the aura, the chakras, and the subtle bodies.

Topics covered in the manual are:

  • The Healer.
  • The Aim of Spiritual Healing.
  • Spiritual Healing.
  • The Art of Meditation.
  • Code of Conduct for Spiritual Healing.
  • Spiritual Biology.
  • The Human Aura.
  • The Chakras.

The Church Training Manual Manual for Spiritual Healing Channels is attractively spiral bound and in full color.

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MANUAL: $15 (Includes S&H)