Exeter Street Lecture Series

Since the early 1950’s, the First Spiritual Temple has hosted many of the world’s greatest minds in parapsychology, psychic science, and mediumship.

Some of you may remember the monthly Wednesday evening lectures given in the Music Room of the old Exeter Street Temple/Theatre. They were chaired by the one-and-only A. Viola Berlin and offered people in the Greater Boston area an opportunity to witness remarkable lectures on subject matters which, to this day, challenge, astound, and intrigue the mind and spirit.

Here is just a partial listing of those who spoke for the First Spiritual Temple:

Eileen J. Garrett; Douglas Johnson; Donald Galloway; Arthur Ford; Eileen Roberts; Hugh Lynn Cayce; Dr. Joseph Banks Rhine; Dr. Ian Stevenson; Alan Vaughan; Rev. William Rauscher; Rev. Robert Slater; Dr. Carlis Osis; Dr. George Owen; Muriel “Lady Dowding”; J. Fraser Nicol; Dr. Gardner Murphy; Gina Cerminara; Dr. Hornell Hart; Dr. Robert Thouless; Dr. Harmon H. Bro; Sir Alistair Hardy; Dr. Stanley Krippner; Dr. Montague Ullman; and Marcia Moore.

We are very proud of this part of our history. For the longest time, we have wanted to share some of these priceless lectures with the public. Well, that time has finally arrived.

We offer a series of lectures, digitally mastered on CD, by speakers who were — and still are — considered tops in their field: researchers; mediums; investigators; and authors.

Beyond the British and American Societies for Psychical Research, you will be hard pressed to find such a collection of distinguished speakers in the fields of mediumship and psychical research.

Currently we have eight Lecture CD’s available, but more are on the way.

Exeter Lecture Series

CD: $12 (Includes S&H)

My Life as a Medium by Douglas Johnson. March 31, 1967. A personal reflection on the life and work of one of the finest mediums of the twentieth century. A protégé of the great Eileen Garret, Douglas Johnson and his trance guide, Chiang, gave countless people hope and evidence of life after death. Richard Bach, author of “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” was so impressed by Douglas Johnson’s mediumship that, in his book, he named one of the master gulls Chiang. The other was called Fletcher, in honor of Arthur Ford’s Spirit guide.

Parapsychology in Prayer and Communication With the Other Side by Rev. William Rauscher. November 24, 1969. Rev. Rauscher, instrumental in the founding of Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship, talks about the psychic aspects and spiritual implications of prayer and mediumship. This lecture is thought-provoking and very informative.

Houdini’s Magic and Ford’s Mystery by Rev. William Rauscher. November 20, 1972. The magician, Harry Houdini, was on a campaign to expose fraudulent mediumship. His greatest triumph came in the – in our opinion – unfair exposure of Boston’s Margery Crandon. Arthur Ford was the medium through whom Houdini communicated to his wife and gave the evidence which they had prearranged before his death. There has been much debate over this “Houdini message from the grave”. Rev. Rauscher is co-author, with Allen Spraggett, of the book “Arthur Ford: The Man Who Talked with the Dead”. In this lecture, he gives the truthful and captivating facts surrounding Houdini’s magic and Ford’s mystery.

What My Mediumship Has Taught Me by Eileen Roberts (Permission Granted). October 21, 1987. This is the finest lecture on mediumship we have ever heard, bar none. Eileen Roberts, longtime friend of the Church and companion in Spirit, reflects on what her many years as a teaching medium have taught her, and she does it in a way that only she can. This CD is a must for the developing and the working medium. It is also a great source of inspiration for all.

Psychic Research: East and West by Eileen J. Garrett. May 1955. A fascinating discussion on the trend of psychical research in the 1950’s by the world’s most respected medium, researcher, and author in the field. Mrs. Garrett brings to the audience her forthright and discerning intellect, while weaving some intriguing experiences from her own life.

What About Bridey Murphy? by Eileen J. Garrett. May 2, 1956. A well-balanced analysis of a famous case of past life recall, involving Virginia Tighe, aka Ruth Simmons (in the book). While under hypnosis in 1952, she told Morey Bernstein, her therapist, that over 100 years ago she was an Irish woman named Bridey Murphy who went by the nickname of Bridey. This led to Bernstein’s book, The Search of Bridey Murphy, and, later, the release of the movie by the same name. In this lecture, Eileen Garrett says it as she sees it.

ESP and Mediumship by Douglas Johnson. A fascinating discussion on how ESP and mediumship work. Douglas Johnson taps into his years of work, and he shares some intriguing experiences and says it as only he can.

The Psychic in All of Us and The Biochemistry of Inspiration by Eileen J. Garrett. November 13, 1957 and May 13, 1959. This CD contains two lectures given by the great Eileen Garrett. The Psychic in All of Us discusses just that: the natural sensitivity which is born in all people. The Biochemistry of Inspiration delves into early research done on Eileen Garret, using LSD, under the careful guidance of psychologists and parapsychologists. She very openly shares her feelings about this phase of her work.