Journey of the Soul

A Learning Experience You Will Never Forget

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From the Garden of Eden, to the pyramids of Ancient Egypt, through the mystery schools of Greece, reawakened by nineteenth century new thought, and brought to you, today, in a world desperately in need of some answers, the Journey of the Soul speaks to you and to your Spirit!

There is plan, there is purpose, and there is meaning to you and to your life — on earth and in Spirit. Now, you can know!

This extensive course of study and experience, compiled and written by Rev. Simeon Stefanidakis, follows the journey of your soul through physical death, through all the phases of the Spirit life, and back into a new earthly incarnation. In this, the course examines:
  • The planes of life and how you interact upon them, now and in the future.
  • Reaching your soul’s full spiritual potential.
  • Life after Death.
  • Our relationship to God, to each other, and to Spirit.
  • The incredible tool of the mind.
  • Psychic phenomena and Mediumship.
  • The aura and chakras.
  • Karma and reincarnation.
  • Birth and death.
  • Human evolution and spiritual initiation.
Journey of the Soul
The course ends with an amazing look at how the soul prepares for a new earthly life and what happens during the nine-month period when the body is being fashioned within the mother’s womb (an incredible experience in itself).

Here Is What You Receive:

51 lessons (nearly 400 pages total), each written in clear and concise dialogue.

Supplementary meditation exercises and letters from Rev. Simeon, geared to inspiring you and helping you experience the teaching, are included as part of the course.

Upon completion of the course and submission of the included Final Examination, you will receive a beautiful Certifcate of Completion.

This is a complete and down-to-earth teaching on the soul’s journey through Life and Creation, professionally printed and spiral-bound.

Complete List of Lesson Titles

51 Lesson Titles:

Lesson One: The Monad

Lesson Two: The Planes of Life

Lesson Three: Group Souls

Lesson Four: Individualization & Personality

Lesson Five: The Process of Reincarnation – I

Lesson Six: The Process of Reincarnation – II

Lesson Seven: The Bodies of Man

Lesson Eight: The Human Aura – I

Lesson Nine: The Human Aura – II

Lesson Ten: The Human Aura – III

Lesson Eleven: Death: The Opening of the Way – I

Lesson Twelve: Death: The Opening of the Way – II

Lesson Thirteen: Death: An Esoteric Perspective

Lesson Fourteen: Spirit Communication – I

Lesson Fifteen: Spirit Communication – II

Lesson Sixteen: The Astral Plane – I

Lesson Seventeen: The Astral Plane – II

Lesson Eighteen: The Astral Plane – III

Lesson Nineteen: The Astral Plane – IV

Lesson Twenty: The Astral Plane – V

Lesson Twenty One: The Astral Plane – VI

Lesson Twenty-Two: The Astral Plane – VII

Lesson Twenty-Three: The Astral Plane – VIII

Lesson Twenty-Four: The Mental Plane – I

Lesson Twenty-Five: The Mental Plane – II

Lesson Twenty-Six: The Mental Plane – III

Lesson Twenty-Seven: The Power & Use of Thought – I

Lesson Twenty-Eight: The Power & Use of Thought – II

Lesson Twenty-Nine: The Power & Use of Thought – III

Lesson Thirty: The Mental Plane – IV

Lesson Thirty-One: The Mental Plane – V

Lesson Thirty-Two: The Mental Plane – VI

Lesson Thirty-Three: The Home of the Soul

Lesson Thirty-Four: Chakras: Temples of Light – I

Lesson Thirty-Five: Chakras: Temples of Light – II

Lesson Thirty-Six: Chakras: Temples of Light – III

Lesson Thirty-Seven: Chakras: Temples of Light – IV

Lesson Thirty-Eight: Chakras: Temples of Light – V

Lesson Thirty-Nine: Chakras: Temples of Light – VI

Lesson Forty: Chakras: Temples of Light – VII

Lesson Forty-One: The Life Between Lives – I

Lesson Forty-Two: The Life Between Lives – II

Lesson Forty-Three: The Return of the Spirit – I

Lesson Forty-Four: The Return of the Spirit – II

Lesson Forty-Five: The Return of the Spirit – III

Lesson Forty-Six: The Return of the Spirit – IV

Lesson Forty-Seven: The Return of the Spirit – V

Lesson Forty-Eight: Masters and the Hierarchy

Lesson Forty-Nine: Human Initiation

Lesson Fifty: The New Millennium and Christ’s Reappearance

Lesson Fifty-One: Questions & Answers

What Will This Course Do for You?

  • Help you understand your life and your relationships.
  • Give you comfort in a seemingly discomforting world.
  • Help you expand your consciousness and appreciation for the unity of life.
  • Guide you through the great adventure, known as death, toward a realization that there is only life.
  • Assist you in extending your sensitivity to spiritual and psychic vibrations.
  • And, especially, show you how to become actively engaged in positive and constructive healing, through right living and proper use of mind and Spirit.

You will be hard pressed to find a question on the journey of your Soul that is not addressed in this extensive course.

Here's an excerpt from the Journey of the Soul.

Death: The Opening of the Way

“Death is the only event which we can predict with absolute certainty, and yet it is the event about which the majority of human beings refuse to think at all until faced with the imminent and personal issue. People face death in many different ways; some bring to the adventure a feeling of self-pity, and are so occupied with what they have to leave behind, what is about to end for them, and the relinquishing of all they have gathered in life, that the true significance of the inevitable future fails to arrest their attention. Others face it with courage, making the best of what may not be evaded, and look up into the face of death with a gallant gesture because there is nothing else they can do . . . Still others refuse altogether to consider the possibility; they hypnotize themselves into a condition wherein the thought of death is refused all lodgment in their consciousness, and they will not consider its possibility, so that when it comes, it catches them unawares; they are left helpless and unable to do more than simply die.”

From Bethlehem to Calvary by Alice A. Bailey

Thus wrote one of the 20th century’s most amazing visionaries, Alice A. Bailey. She also referred to death as The Great Adventure. And, indeed, it is. The words above are so true, and they speak to us all. How we actually experience death depends, to quite a large degree, upon how we perceive this great adventure while living upon the Earth plane; in other words, how we perceive life!

What is death? How do we experience death? Does it hurt? How quickly does it happen? What about life after death; do we survive? If so, in what capacity? Do we meet loved ones who passed before, or do we lose all sense of personal identity and recognition? What is the after-life like? These are just a few of the questions surrounding death which people have asked and pondered over since the beginning of earthly time.

In following the journey of the soul, death truly becomes a great adventure in which the way is opened for the soul to pass from one realm of life into another. It marks a point of transition. How we each get to that ubiquitous state of transition varies with circumstances. What we experience after we cross that elusive threshold, known as death, also varies with the individual. But the actual experience; the actual crossing over the threshold, between one realm of life and another, is amazingly quite similar for most people.

Life, in many ways, is a series of deaths. We are always moving from one experience to another. The point is: we are always moving! Thus it is with death. The point is: we are always living! Death, then, becomes a very natural part of life. We move from one room into another. Depending upon which side of the doorway we happen to be in comparison to the one crossing the threshold, we label that transition either death or birth. Please note this last statement. Death and birth are basically the same process. Both involve the soul’s passing through the same doorway. The only difference is the direction of movement. What is death on the Earth plane is birth in the Spirit world. And birth onto the Earth plane can be considered death in the Spirit world.

Physical death is but one of many deaths which we encounter as we move from one earthly life to another. We could settle, once and for all, the question of death by saying that death does not exist; that there is only life; that death is but one of countless experiences found in life. But that would be quite a lot to ask you to accept, without some further instruction.

Therefore, let us look at this wonderfully great adventure, known as death. Before we examine the process of physical death, we need to look at the question of survival. Nobody can deny the existence of death. The vital question surrounding death is: do we survive the experience; if so, how? Once we understand that we do survive death, we can then look at the process of death itself and what follows.

Proof of Survival

n looking at the dilemma of proving that we do survive death, we are confronted with the following question: what constitutes proof? Proof of survival is a very personal matter. What is unquestionable proof for one person may hold no validity for another. Therefore, we must begin by saying: we are not attempting to prove survival here. Proof must come from within; but proof often approaches upon the wings of knowledge. And knowledge is something that we can provide.

There are several phenomena which psychic researchers have, over the years, investigated that indicate the validity of life after death. They are:

  • Astral Projection
  • Apparitions
  • Clinical or Near-Death Experiences
  • Mediumship/Channeling

The Death Process: Preliminary Remarks

Regardless of how one approaches death, the process itself is quite similar for most people. If death comes suddenly and the person does not believe in any form of after-life, then the conscious mind is most likely not prepared for the experience, and there could be a period of confusion after death. Thus, the importance of understanding death before we meet it face-to-face.

If, on the other hand, death comes upon the individual gradually, let us say after a lengthy period of illness, then the personality is given an opportunity to prepare for the experience. This can be helpful for a person who has never thought about death, or who does not believe in any form of after-life. This period of preparation can last for a few days, up to several years, depending upon:

  • The needs of the spirit. What did the incarnating soul plan for this period of earthly transition? For most people, the general time and condition of death are planned prior to coming onto the Earth plane.
  • The resistance of the earthly person to let go of the form aspect of life. This is a powerful force; one which may cause a person to linger upon the Earth plane well after his or her planned time of death. If the person is strongly body-oriented, he or she will consider that letting go of the body means letting go of life. We are all subject to the attractive powers of the Earth plane, and we tend to cling to the body with great tenacity.

Finally, with modern-day technology, there is the issue of life support systems. Who makes the decision for whom concerning death? Is the spirit ready to leave, while family members insist on keeping the body alive? How does this affect the spirit? What is the definition of death, and who decides that all criteria for that definition have been met? These are complex questions which run right to the roots of what we are attempting to teach in these lessons.

Regardless of influences that may cause one to cling to the body, physical deterioration and other factors will eventually bring about permanent separation from the earthly form, and death will ensue. When it comes to death, let us remember one important fact: the only thing we take with us on this Great Adventure is who we are; nothing else!

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