Physical Mediumship

Its Phenomena and Development

Research on physical mediumship abounds within the annals of the Society for Psychical Research and the American Society for Psychical Research, but there is practically nothing published on the actual development of this most amazing and little-understood form of mediumship. This book fills that void and is a must for any group wishing to work with and develop physical mediumship.

Written by Rev. Simeon, this study guide taps into his over 40 years of study, travel, and work with some of the world’s most remarkable mediums, many of whom were physical mediums.

Rev. Simeon also relies heavily on his many years of working with the late Rev. Stephen Fulton, Pastor and Trustee of the First Spiritual Temple and, himself, a most amazing physical medium. This book examines:

  • General Mediumship.
  • What Constitutes a Physical Medium.
  • How Spirit Works with a Physical Medium.
  • The Various Phenomena Witnessed in Physical Circles and How Spirit Achieves Them.
  • How to Set Up and Conduct a Proper Circle for Physical Mediumship, with Suggested Excercises.
  • Questions and Answers on All Aspects of Trance and Physical Phenomena by the Late Rev. Stephen Fulton.
  • The Mysterious Substance Known as Ectoplasm.
  • Brief Biographies of Three Physical Mediums.

Like Rev. Simeon’s very popular Study Guide to Evidential Mediumship, this boook discusses just about every aspect of physical mediumship; not only from a mechanical/objective perspective, but from a spiritual perspective. Physical mediumship is a demonstration of Creativity in action.

And, As a Bonus!

As a bonus, we include with the book a CD containing a most informative lecture given by Mary Rose Bennington, at London’s Society for Psychical Research, entitled, “What Ever Happened to Ectoplasm?”(Permission Granted). The CD complements the book beautifully and offers some fascinating historical information on this most mysterious substance.

You will not find a more thorough guide to the development of physical mediumship anywhere. Spiral-bound and illustrated.

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Physical Mediumship