Spirit Speaks CD

Trance Addresses and Inspirations for Life Delivered Through the Mediumship of Rev. Stephen Fulton by Spirit Syrsha, an ancient Egyptian who has walked the sands of time and brought forth wisdom and insight into a modern world and Spirit John, a simple healer and devoted follower of Christ and Christian Mysticism, who lovingly invites you to step into his tent and be warmed by the glowing fire of God’s love.

Included on this first CD are:

Jesus the Man: Christ the Spirit by Spirit Syrsha: A clear and concise address discussing the Jesus as a medium and “host” for the great spirit of the Christ.

It Was a Sad Time by Spirit Syrsha: A poignant address on the human struggle and how we can each lift ourselves up from crucifixion to resurrection.

To Forgive is Divine: Thoughts on the Iraqi War by Spirit John: A most apropos address on the tragedy and karmic implications of this current conflict in the Middle East.

~ Other CD’s to Follow ~

Spirit Speaks

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