The History of Spiritualism: Volumes I and II

By Arthur Conan Doyle

Originally published in 1926, Doyle’s History of Spiritualism is, bar none, the finest book depicting the events which lead up to the birth of the Modern Spiritualist movement and the subsequent aftermath of March 31, 1848. Not only is the book historically correct, Arthur Conan Doyle (creator of Sherlock Holmes) is fair, open-minded and, where needed, critical of certain aspects of the Spiritualist movement and its workers.

The book begins with discussions on the three forerunners of the Spiritualist movement: Emanuel Swedenborg, the Shakers and Andrew Jackson Davis. It then follows what happened with the Fox family in March, 1848, and proceeds with detailed analysis of the various mediums, along with the implications behind the phenomena and the communications coming through these mediums during that period, right up to World War I.

This is a book well worth reading if you are interested in religious and spiritual history; if you are studying mediumship; or if you want to learn about the amazing work of Spirit which took place through the real pioneers who devoted their lives and even their dignity for the cause of Spirit. Nothing — and we mean nothing — seen today in mediumship comes anywhere close to what was witnessed during those amazing days. This, in itself, will inspire you!

This book is a must for anyone at all interested in Spiritualism, regardless of one’s approach to that subject.

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